Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday 0900 - 1700

Rothbury - Upper Coquetdale every Wednesday.


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Every Wednesday to the following area:

We accept cash, cheques, mobile and online banking.
Additionally, card payments are available in store.

You can buy from us in various ways.
Please place your order by
Tuesday lunchtime for Wednesday delivery.

Pop into our store and choose your goods - saves carrying your bags home!

Call us on 01669 620574 - one of our staff members will be happy to take down your order and check what we have in stock.

Email us - send your shopping list to:

Step 1 - Shop in Store, Phone or Email

Step 2 - Delivery

Step 3 - Payment

Deliveries Regardless of Weather!

If you live outside this area, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

If we don’t have everything that you require in the store we would be happy to try and source it for you from other outlets in Rothbury, including prescriptions.